The Company

London Global Consultants LTD (LGC) is a leading product design, development and engineering consultancy with skills that encompass research, analyses, planning, design and software development. We create solutions based on solid strategies, modern design and latest technologies. Our goal is it to design and develop products and services which engage people, strengthen brands and create value.

The Team

developmentRobert M Wenzel

Serial entrepreneur and healthcare visionary, Robert M Wenzel is an expert in R&D-Commercialising, Product Visioning and Designing in the Technology in particular domains in Automation, Robotics, Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, Life Science, and Medical Devices.


Kristin Muller

Anthropologist and artist, Kristin Muller specialised in research and design, has experiences in various field from PR and marketing to psychology of art and culture.

London Global Laboratories

researchLondon Global Laboratories are LGC R&D department. Here, we try out the latest technologies, developing them further and working on innovative products for a better future. For more information visit our webpage

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